final diploma project, alex jones



The lair of the “renegade preacher”, the charismatic evangelist of news, a collector of information. He reinterprets this data, peeling away the layers of artificiality to expose the “truth”, which is then projected out to the world.

The Preacher collects data and represents this cultural and political “weather” in the form of a daily internet newscast. Part informative, part performance, his message has to be seen neither as commercial nor propaganda, it is uncensored and reactive, a celebration of the real. His performance disintegrates the accepted urban aesthetic and presents the “ugly truth”. It is poetic though putrid.

Apostate Media sits at the point of collision between the digital and the analogue. It exists in a state between the real and the imagined, in a fissure of time. Its digital form only becomes visible during weekly broadcasts; at other times it lies anonymous within the cityscape of Fleet Street, London. In doing so, the Apostate headquarters is amplified and projected into an imaginary tomorrow, one which materialises against a backdrop of what London might be like in 2057.

After eight years in practice, Alex Jones completed his Diploma in Architecture at the University of Westminster in 2007. His final project, Apostate was shortlisted for the RIBA Silver medal.